Quantum Fascination

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I’m watching TED videos on my Apple TV while browsing the web with Em sleeping on the couch beside me. I just finished Garrett Lisi’s talk titled “A beautiful new theory of everything.” Here are a few very brief notes:

  • Quantum Mechanics: “Everything that can happen, does.”
  • the beauty of particle physics (ie the really little stuff)
  • E8 pattern (and to think, I was told plum pudding was stupid)
  • “a process of discovery” (I appreciate this perspective of science, esp. theoretical science)
  • new physics theories = start-up company
  • elementary particle physics (seems like an even smaller sect of particle physics)
  • dislikes string theory (too bad, I’ve always been a fan)
  • quantum field theory (reason to abandon string theory)
  • “evoking a sense of wonder”
  • “fascinating”

My notes don’t make for a very interesting blog post, but it’s like candy for someone with Input.

I absolutely love this stuff!

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